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About Us

The ExploroticaTM  brand is recognized as safe, welcoming and accepting sexual wellness products for women, men and couples. Explorotica is very selective when partnering with a retailer that has the goal to gain knowledge of, understand and purchase high quality merchandise as it relates to sexual wellness and intimate relationship health.

Company Background

Explorotica is a female-owned company with Corporate Headquarters located in Cleveland, Ohio.  The company is fully cohesive in manufacture, distribution, e-commerce and selective bricks-and-mortar retail operations across the United States.  With dedicated, long-tenured employees both at a corporate and store-based level, the company excels at organic growth and continual on the job training.

Customer service excellence and advanced product knowledge have set Explorotica apart from the competition. The company utilizes wholesale and retail sales figures to analyze price, product, and manufacturing trends.  By carrying only high quality products at each price point, maximizing floor space, using specifically created planograms for consistency and focusing on the overall customer experience, Explorotica has now witnessed women make up for many sales across the board.

Bricks-and-Mortar Retail Operations

The interior of each Explorotica partnered location is thoughtfully designed to create a comfortable, relaxed environment for patrons.  Special attention is given to lighting, soft/hard surfaces and product layout to ensure the comfort of every customer.

All employees are drug-screened, and background checked and go through extensive training that includes, but is not limited to, product knowledge, customer interaction and management skills to further their chosen careers.  The company is proudly able to say that there are fully qualified Sexual Health Educators on staff in some of our retail stores. 

Community Outreach

Explorotica prides itself in their dedication to being part of the community.  Many of the company employees, both at a corporate and retail level, are involved in community-focused projects and events.